One of the Most Positive and loving people that I know. He can help guide you to accomplishing your Life Goals with his Coaching. I am very thankful to him. You will not regret having him as your coach. Each session helped guide me toward achieving my ultimate goal.
— Lucas, Florida
Excellent personal trainer. I have worked with personal trainers in the past and there is a big difference between Mauro and the others. For me and others I know that he is working with the feedback has been very consistent. Mauro knows how to structure and customize a person’s training sessions to maximize the results for every situation across the spectrum. I was very skeptical about whether or not my results would be measurable but they have been amazing and I would have worked out for several months or years and not seen the results that I’m seeing. The guy is good and fair. This is a sure thing..
— Michael, Florida

Very professional and punctual! Gives you an awesome work out and is very flexible with each person’s needs and wants. Gives you advice and recipes to eat healthier but doesn’t push that strict diet on you. Very down to earth and realistic. Also supportive and encouraging! I’m very happy to be training with Mauro! Best choice!
— Sheilka, Florida

His Value as a Life Coach goes far beyond what the price tag is on his service. He takes the time to truly understand and helps your discover the Answers that were staring you in the face the entire time.
— Sofia, Florida
Mauro was professional and knowledgeable. He will get me on the right track. Thank you Mauro
— Laurie, Florida

Mauro knows his stuff so it makes it easier for me to follow his workouts. Although, I’ve started about a week ago I feel as though he’s going to get me where I wanna be health wise.
— Tyrael, Florida

Just completed my third session with Mauro. I love that he customizes the program to the individual and adjusts it as he assesses your ability. I feel confident that Mauro will assist me with meeting my goals. He provides real-time feedback on form/results, ensures that you are doing the exercise correctly, and praises your accomplishments, which keeps you going. He is very professional and I love that he takes the time to explain the what, why, and how so that I have a better understanding of the exercise.
— Sharon, Florida

Mauro is unique because he customizes a plan based on your abilities. From the time I started with him to now, the program has evolved. My overall health and conditioning has improved dramatically. I highly recommend Mauro whether you are a beginner or conditioned athlete.
— Alex, Florida